Medeco High Security Locks

Protecting high security facilities such as the Pentagon, the White House, and US Embassies all over the world, Medeco is a global leader in the high security lock market. Fortunately for the consumer Medeco offers affordable physical and electronic security solutions for not only large government and industrial costumers, but also local commercial establishments and security-minded home-owners alike.

Key Control

One of the key features of Medeco is their unsurpassed key control. If a dishonest employee, contractor, maid, or nanny wishes to obtain a copy of a key for a standard lock all it takes is a buck and change and a quick trip to any local hardware store. With Medeco, only authorized key holders with proper identification can make copies. The key blanks that are compatible with our Medeco locks are individual to our shop, making it virtually impossible for someone to make a duplicate of one of your Medeco keys.

Moreover, all of the keys released will be signed for and numbered, allowing you to keep records of exactly who has which key. If an employee is let go but returns their key, you can have the piece of mind that they aren't going to return with a copy of a key that they made elsewhere. In the event that a key cannot be recovered or is lost, we can rekey your business just like a standard lock.

Physical Security

Medeco locks provide the ultimate in physical locking security by offering layers of protection.

  1. Restricted access to blanks makes unauthorized duplication virtually impossible.
  2. Hardened inserts, pins, and strategically placed ball bearings significantly deter drilling attacks. A standard lock can be drilled open in under 30 seconds by a professional.
  3. Rotating pin design and sidebar, false gates, and special "mushroom" pins make picking it like a traditional lock virtually impossible.
  4. Reinforced bolts, free-spinning collars, and sturdy construction afford the best in protection against pulling, prying, cutting, and other commonly employed methods of entry by burglars.


We offer a wide variety of Medeco products to integrate into existing security hardware. We can put high security Medeco cylinders in many doorknobs, leversets and deadbolts if you don't wish to purchase exclusive Medeco hardware. This offers an even more affordable way for security-minded companies and home owners to benefit from the security of Medeco without the cost of all new hardware.

Medeco also offers many cylinders for specialized situations, for example cabinet locks and exit devices. Medeco padlocks are also available, which are recognized by many as some of the best in the world.

Elegant Design

Not only are Medeco locks quality security devices, they are also available in a wide variety of finishes and designs for both commercial and residential applications. This allows you to match existing hardware, or tailor the appearance of your new high security locks to your liking.

For more information...

If you'd like to learn more about Medeco for your home or business, don't hesitate to visit us at our shop in Fort Collins, or give us a call at (970) 484-4375. You can also visit the Medeco website directly at We take security seriously, and that is why we offer Medeco High Security Locks.

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