Shop History

      The building in which LockSafe now works out of was built around the turn of the last century on Walnut Street in Fort Collins, Colorado. With humble beginnings as a small home, the building was expanded first in the 1920's north towards Jefferson Ave and then again in the 1950’s toward Walnut to become the building we see today. You can still see the original stonework of the corner of the original building behind our front counter. In June of 1970, LeRoy Younger founded LeRoy’s LockSafe Systems, providing locksmith services to a very rapidly expanding city.
The Original LockSafe Building

      The alleyway to the east of our shop also has some history of its own. In 1879 a small 20' x 20' jail, called a calaboose, was built there. This small cell allegedly held the first murderer in Fort Collins. Below is a map of where the small building stood, shown with blue highlights (the original building that became our shop is highlighted with red). Unfortunately this piece of Fort Collins history is long gone. For more on this, I would recommend heading over to the Lost Fort Collins blog, a great site with information on many neat historical findings in Fort Collins.

Old map of our property

      LockSafe Systems to this day is a family-owned business. Over the years many members of the Younger family have worked under the roof at 326 Walnut St, including LeRoy’s two sons Wayne and Glenn Younger who have both achieved the Associated Locksmiths of America’s coveted Certified Master Locksmith certification. At the time, Wayne was the youngest in the state of Colorado to do so.

      In January 1994, Wayne Younger became the owner of LockSafe after many years of working with his father. LockSafe looks forward to continuing its service of over 40 years in the Northern Colorado Community. Thanks for making us your trusted Fort Collins Locksmith.

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